Network Security Audit helps in finding out how well a particular part of the system complies to the standards set by the organization. Performing a network security audit is a good way to know where should we focus to ensure security. When and where users log on, access to the database, transfer of files is some of the items that are viewed in the network security audit.

What does a network security audit cover?

  • Our audit covers policies such as password requirements, if and how users can use their own devices on the network, privacy rules, and more.
  • Our security audit ensures that users understand best practices for accessing the network, including how to protect themselves from threats.
  • Ensure that the servers are working well, that the operating systems are current and that the physical hardware is in warranty.

The most important thing is that we ensure that we schedule regular audits and take action if we uncover problems.

Why is Network Security Audit necessary?

  • To find the flaw in the network
  • To protect the system from threats
  • To save the cost which would be incurred in resolving the system after an attack
  • IT issues management