QCYBER Security and Forensic (QCYBER), a specialist provider of digital crime , cyber security, and fraud investigation solutions and services, has partnered with IBM. We provide all i2 product related services,be it engineering or consulting services.

IBM i2 – The IBM® i2® is designed to assist law enforcement, national defense, government agencies, and commercial private sector businesses to maximize the value of the mass of information that they collect to discover and disseminate actionable intelligence that can help them in their pursuit of identifying, investigating, predicting, and preventing threat and disrupting criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.

The portfolio comprises a suite of products specifically designed to help bring clarity to complex investigations and operations.

  1. IBM i2 iBase

  2. IBM i2 Analyst Notebook

  3. IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Premium

  4. IBM i2 Text Chart

  5. Enterprise Insight Analysis

Training and First Use Assistance –QCYBER’s team of dedicated data analysis professionals provide industry-recognized training that utilizes proven strategies and techniques to help you harness the true power and potential of your i2 solution.

Installation and Integration Services- Our team of expert engineers and developers help you in designing, installation, implementation, integration and customization of perfect solution to meet your requirement.

Site Management- We can also place some consultation experts or trainers on-site who’ll be helping you in your solution design, installation oversight, data integration and i2 Configuration assessment.