ISNP stands for Insurance Self Network Platform. In order to create a digital platform for the insurance industry, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) issued guidelines for insurance e-commerce on 9 March. Guidelines are issued by IRDAI for ISNP under reference number IRDA/GDL/ECM/055/03/2013.

The idea of these guidelines is to standardize e-commerce rules across different entities selling insurance online. Anybody who now wants to sell insurance on a digital platform will need to setup an insurance self-network platform (ISNP) and follow the rules for it. Insurance Self Network Platform means an electronic platform set up by any applicant with the permission of the authority.

Only insurers, brokers, agents, intermediaries or other entities recognised by IRDAI can sell policies on the online platform. Insurance intermediaries include distributors such as corporate agents, web aggregators and insurance marketing firms. As agents are tied to one insurer, they can use the digital platform of the insurer to sell policies online.