What is Smart ?

SMART Program is Specially Designed for Government and LEA's (Law Enforcement Agencies).


SMART program Mission is to get technology to deliver it's upmost towards their purpose.

What Makes us Unique

We can bring all of that experience from other industries our in depth understanding of every facet of government, be it defense, intelligence, public-safety, justice, disaster management, policing, social service,  healthcare, tax and customs, educational institutions, telecom and private sectors etc., we as SMART can bring the technology to address the real societal issues, the human out come that we generate.


The legacy we are creating for our next generation.



Industry segments and solutions

Defense and intelligence

Government technology uses AI, analytics, security and hybrid cloud to improve mission readiness and operations.

Infrastructure and citizen services

IoT, analytics and AI infuse insights into transportation, facilities and local economies.

Borders, customs and immigration

Drive innovation in customs, borders and global trade with cognitive AI computing and blockchain.

Public safety and policing

Discover intelligence led government technology solutions to help reduce crime and protect citizens.

Tax and revenue management

Government solutions utilize AI and your data to minimize fraud and optimize revenue.

Social programs

Improve the lives of those in need with AI-enabled government solutions for social programs management.